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Case Results

Case Results

Note: All of the case results and reviews posted on this site are very real. They are carefully crafted to protect the privacy of our clients as well as the identity of the judges and prosecutors involved in each case.

State of Georgia v. BM – Local State Court

Charge: DUI

At 4 a.m., an eighteen year old client was found passed out behind the wheel of a running car on the shoulder of a highway. He initially told police he was going to a friend’s house, but because he had no memory of how he’d gotten there, he was charged with DUI. Additional investigation revealed that his friends had worked to play a practical joke on him and driven the car to the shoulder, then placing him behind the wheel. Result: The case was eventually dismissed.

State of Georgia v. PK – Metro Atlanta

Charges: Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Fake ID Purchase

A young Marine’s entire career was endangered thanks to these charges. The initial negotiations in city court failed, but eventually, a pre-trial diversion deal was brokered, which the State eventually accepted. The client paid the court costs, had an evaluation for alcoholism, and completed 20 hours of community service. The client was not fingerprinted in the case, creating no record to harm his military career.

PW v. AM

Domestic case involving domestic violence, drugs, legitimation, custody, visitation, and support

Both the client and his ex-girlfriend were fairly young and irresponsible. They had had a baby together, and after some time, the client found himself facing both jail time and the potential to lose his parental rights. Thanks to effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation, he was able to see his child. The Law Offices of Tom Barton legitimated the child, and the client paid his past-due child support and spent all of his visitation time with the child. With regard to the criminal cases, good verdicts were obtained in each, but the mother of his child did not fare as well. After a four day hearing, he got full custody of the child. He now enjoys spending time with his child and his other children and serves as a model for others, leading them on the path toward sobriety.

State of Georgia v. GT – Multiple Counties

Charges: VGSCA (Drugs)

A local college student ended up in trouble that involved two different drug cases, leaving his bright future in serious jeopardy. After consultation with both the drug agent and the prosecutor in both cases, however, as well as pointing out the weaknesses in each case, both were dismissed, wholly expunging them from the records. 

State of Georgia v. LT

Charges: Probation Violation DUI

The client was on probation in Clayton County for multiple DUIs. She left the county and headed for Florida, prompting a warrant to be issued for her arrest. She returned to the state to turn herself in, anticipating that she may end up spending a year in jail for the offense. However, the State had not filed a Non Est Inventus, or an affidavit showing that they had indeed tried to locate her. This revelation at the probation revocation hearing meant the judge had to dismiss the revocation, which meant the client immediately went home. 

State of Georgia v. SC

Charges: DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane

The client was pulled over when several individuals called 911 after they saw his car weaving excessively on the road. Voluntary blood testing revealed no alcohol in his system, but he had been on a number of medications for various health conditions. A DUI is still possible if the medications were legally prescribed. Our experts looked at the testing results, and with some research, we revealed that the client’s doctors had not coordinated his medications to ensure impairment wouldn’t occur. He was prescribed the right dosage of medication and his DUI was dismissed.

State of Georgia v. VG – Local City Court

Charges: DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane

A professional client in Buckhead failed to turn on his blinker as he crossed three lanes of traffic. A patrol officer was sitting right there when it occurred. While the client performed poorly on the field sobriety testing, the Breathalyzer test results weren’t excessive. We moved to exclude evidence, and thanks to the client’s lacking criminal history, the charges were reduced to Reckless Driving.

State of Georgia v. QH – Local City Court

Charges: DUI and Handicapped Parking Violation

The client in this case was sitting in his car waiting on a takeout order from a local eatery. While the spot was marked as handicapped, the markings were old and faded. The signage wasn’t placed according to state law. Video taken at the scene demonstrated that while the client performed poorly on field sobriety tests, the officer did not follow all of his training during the administration of his tests, so the city agreed to take a Reckless Driving plea. 

State of Georgia v. RH – Local City Court

Charges: DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane

The client had been drinking in this case, but the city immediately agreed to reduce the charges to reckless driving once the video evidence was presented. The client had performed reasonably well on all of the field sobriety testing at the scene, leading the city to quickly realize they didn’t have a very strong case.

State of Georgia v. KK – Downtown Atlanta (Buckhead)

Charges: DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane

This was a fairly standard case for downtown Atlanta. The client was caught weaving on Peachtree Street after a night in Buckhead. The video from the scene was very clear, but the police report was poorly written. What’s more, though, is that the State couldn’t produce the evidence within the timeline, and there were a number of delays that ended up getting the case wholly dismissed. The client was quite pleased because, if convicted, she might have lost her job with a large firm.

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