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Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Possession. Distribution. Schedule I. Trafficking. Felony. Misdemeanor. Who can sort through all of it when you’re sitting in a cell? Attorney Tom Barton. He can help you put your life back together again and create a solid defense for the drug charges you face, whether at the state or federal level.

Increasing Penalties for Drug Convictions

Georgia is a hotspot for drug prosecutions. With mandatory sentencing laws getting tougher all of the time and ongoing changes to all of the statutes involving possession, distribution, trafficking, and more, choosing a local lawyer with the knowledge and experience necessary to create a better defense to avoid a conviction is a must.

Attorney Tom Barton has more than twenty years of experience defending cases like yours within the entire state of Georgia including Clayton County, Fayette County, Rockdale County, Spalding County, Butts County, Henry County and surrounding areas. With a high AVVO rating and thousands of clients who achieved successful outcomes, he’s the lawyer who can build a solid defense against your charges.

Georgia Drug Laws

In most cases, you can divide the drug laws for Georgia into three different categories.

  1. Possession is the most basic.
  2. Possession with intent to distribute is a bit more complicated.
  3. Drug trafficking is the most serious of these offenses.

Almost all of them, though, are felonies. Trafficking offenses can come with very severe sentencing requirements. Any drug charge you’re looking at, though, depends both on the type and the quantity of the drugs police claim they found in your possession.

The Georgia Drug Schedule helps police and prosecutors decide how to charge you. All controlled substances have been divided into different categories based on their potential for abuse.

Schedule I and II drugs are considered to have the worst potential for abuse. These include LSD, heroin, and others. As a result, Schedule I and II drug offenses are often considered felonies.

A felony drug conviction often carries with it up to a year in prison, heavy fines, and even drug rehab treatment. It’s also very possible that you will lose your license if you’re convicted, even if you weren’t driving at the time of arrest.

Special Circumstances Mean Harsher Consequences

Because drugs are considered to be such a problem, many offenses carry additional punishments if you were arrested in a certain set of circumstances.

For example, being arrested near a school or playground adds additional problems to your legal situation. Distributing to a minor is another special circumstance. If you’re caught transporting drugs across state lines, you could even see federal authorities get involved in your case.

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If you’ve been arrested for any drug offense, no matter how minor it may seem, your best first step is to contact The Law Offices of Tom Barton, one of the best Georgia drug lawyers. You need an attorney who can construct a strong defense against the evidence the prosecutor has already gathered.

Contact Tom Barton now for real help against drug-related charges.

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