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Drug Possession

Drug Possession

Accused of Possessing Drugs? Georgia Law Has Mandatory Sentencing

The penalties for drug crimes in Georgia are only increasing. Even if you’re just facing possession charges, you could be looking at a prison sentence. And a conviction on your record that will likely haunt you the rest of your life. If you’ve been charged, Georgia is serious about prosecuting you. It’s time to contact criminal defense attorney Tom Barton.

Stiff Sentences, Fines, and Other Penalties

Throughout the US, drug crimes, even possession, are being treated more harshly than they were just a few years ago. No drug case is as simple as it once was, and whether you’re looking at a misdemeanor or a felony could depend on hiring an experienced attorney who can help find a defense that will earn you the best possible outcome for your situation.

Schedule I, Schedule II, Does It Really Matter?

Any arrest can be nothing short of confusing, and that’s certainly true when it comes to drug arrests.

The penalties for possessing drugs in Georgia vary by the type and amount of that are found during a search at the time of arrest.

  • Schedule I drugs include heroin and psilocybin.
  • Schedule II drugs could include oxycodone, cocaine, or even meth.
  • Schedule III drugs include steroids and ketamine.
  • Schedules IV and V include Xanax and other less popular drugs.

When it comes to cases of drug possession, Georgia has things pretty well defined, right down to the drugs.

Wondering why it matters? Even if you’re caught with less than a gram of any schedule I or II drug, you could be looking at felony charges that will put you in prison for up to 3 years. In the case of a drug like marijuana, you could be looking at a 10 year prison sentence for anything more than an ounce. Under an ounce and you’re looking at less than a year and misdemeanor charges.

Confused? That’s not uncommon. Drug laws are a bit hard to decode, and the associated penalties are even tougher to predict.

Having a knowledgeable defense lawyer like Tom Barton on your side, though, often means the difference in the outcome of your case.

With the right investigative resources, Tom can look at the initial search and seizure to see if it was even legal. He can go as far as helping to establish that you weren’t even in possession of the drugs at the time of arrest. The defenses are numerous, but to create the best one for your case, choosing someone with the right litigation skills and a deep knowledge of the drug laws in Georgia is an absolute must.

Tom Barton has two decades of experience in cases just like yours. You’re scared. You have no idea what happens next. Tom will not only work to defend your rights, but also help you put your life back together.

Contact the Law Offices of Tom Barton today for a free consultation session, and get back on the road to your life again.

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