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Drug Trafficking Is A Serious Offense, Know Your Rights!

Caught Trafficking Drugs? If Convicted, Georgia Penalties Are Severe

Caught Trafficking Drugs? If Convicted, Georgia Penalties Are Severe

Drug trafficking cases can seem impossible from the very start. Georgia prosecutors take drug trafficking very seriously, so many defendants are initially held without bond. If bond is set, it is usually so high that reaching that amount is almost impossible. Bond amounts of $100,000 to a million dollars are not completely uncommon in cases like these.

The answer? Hire the criminal defense attorney who has the knowledge and skills necessary to build the best possible defense against the state’s case. Hire Tom Barton.

The Charges You’re Facing

Many defendants are confused at the start about the charges against them. At the most basic level, moving drugs from one place to another is considered drug trafficking.

Georgia drug trafficking cases may be prosecuted at the state or federal level. If you’re accused of moving drugs out of Georgia to another country, your case could take on an entirely different dimension, as the DEA and other federal law enforcement agencies will likely get involved.

Any drug trafficking accusation is serious. Whether you’re simply suspected of being the mule or you’re at the top of the scheme, the accusation cannot be simply dismissed.

Instead, you need a highly qualified attorney who can construct a solid defense that will stand up in state or federal court against the top prosecutors. At the moment of your arrest, it’s time to contact The Law Offices of Tom Barton.

Are all Drugs Subject to Trafficking Charges?

Absolutely! Any drug can be prosecuted under statutes that involve drug trafficking.

Georgia law says that whether it’s as simple as marijuana or as complex as prescription medications and cocaine, you could be looking at a prison sentence of up to 30 years – and enhanced penalties if you’re caught within 3 miles of a school zone.

In order for you to be charged with drug trafficking in Georgia, police have to suspect that you have quite a bit of any given drug in your possession. For example, with cocaine, it’s more than 28 grams. With heroin, it’s more than 4 grams. Marijuana? More than 10 pounds.

Don’t Wait! You Face Severe Legal Consequences

Waiting to contact a criminal defense attorney to discuss your legal options is a problem in and of itself. A conviction for any drug crime could mean long-term consequences, even if your sentence is light. There are often mandatory sentencing requirements in place in the event you’re convicted – and getting around those is difficult without a qualified legal representation.

Police and prosecutors are there to make certain they can charge you with the most severe crime possible, not to protect your rights. As a defense lawyer, Tom Barton is ready to take you case, working diligently with the prosecutors involved to make certain that the best possible outcome is obtained. For a case evaluation, contact Tom today.

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