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DUI Arrest? Your 10 days are almost up. Act Now!

Want to Keep Your License? You Only Have 10 Days!

Want to Keep Your License? You Only Have 10 Days!

Once you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, chances are good that you’re headed for a 12-month license suspension. It’s just one of the possible consequences that stem from DUI charges and, unless you request an administrative hearing with the state before the time limit expires, it automatically goes into effect.

The clock is ticking, and your ten days are almost up!

Not everyone is affected by this rule, but if any of these apply to you, it’s time to contact DUI Attorney Tom Barton now.

The rule impacts you if:

  • You refused to take a blood, breath, or urine test.
  • You attempted to take a test, but officers said you refused.
  • Your blood alcohol content was over .08.
  • You have a CDL and your blood alcohol content was .04 or higher.
  • You’re a minor, and you had a blood alcohol content of .02 or higher.

What is the 10 Day Rule and What Do You Have to Do Next?

georgia dui liecense suspension


If you miss this 10 day deadline your Georgia drivers license will be suspended 30 days after your arrest. In most cases, when you’re arrested, the officer will give you a form called a DDS1205S. On the back, you’ll see information about both the hearing and the appeal.

This form serves as your temporary driving permit. Unfortunately, the authorities don’t always remember to give it to you — even if they tell you that your license is being suspended. Often this paperwork error defense doesn’t stand up in court, so it’s your responsibility to file the appeal immediately.

Schedule a Free Consultation with DUI Attorney Barton Now

Don’t ignore the potential for problems here. After your license is suspended, neither you, nor your attorney, can put up much of a fight to get it back. Your best bet is to contact Tom Barton now. While you can pay the $150 filing fee and handle the appeal on your own, failure to include any of the necessary data on the form can result in the license suspension taking place anyway.

Your call to Tom is the only call you need to make right now. The charges here are serious, and the last thing you want to do is spend the next several months without a license. Tom can craft the defense you need and help keep the penalties out of your court. Contact his office now for a free case consultation session!

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