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“Brings a level of knowledge and enthusiasm”

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom for most of my career and I have seen him in action many times. He brings a level of knowledge and enthusiasm to the courtroom that is exceptional. He works hard for his clients and gets the job done.

–Christopher Chapman, DUI and DWI Attorney

“He works hard for his clients”

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Barton and I have worked the same courts for many years now. He works hard for his clients, keeps up with the current law, although DUI Law changes every year. If I didn’t know the answer to a DUI situation, I would not hesitate to ask Tom. If I had a case, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Tom To represent me.

–Jim Whitlock, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Highly respected”

I have known Mr. Barton for over 35 years and have watched his professional career for 21 years. I can say without hesitation that he is a professional and highly skilled lawyer who is very driven and yet very approachable. I endorse Mr. Barton as he is also highly respected in the Avvo community due to his ability to accurately analyze complex legal issues. I give him my highest endorsement.

–Russell Keener, Car accident Attorney

“Cares about his clients”

I endorse this lawyer. I known Tom for many years. I have watched him in court and sent him clients as well. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is extremely hard working and cares about his clients. He has gotten results in certain courts that NOBODY else could have gotten. Do not take an easy going laid back personality as a lawyer who does not care, quite the opposite is true. I give Tom my highest endorsement.

Lawrence Kohn, DUI and DWI Attorney

“A very competent lawyer”

I have known Tom Barton for 20 years and I highly endorse this skillful attorney. Tom Barton is a very competent lawyer who aggressively fights for his clients. Tom is a very effective litigator with a very smooth, yet forceful and determined courtroom demeanor. Tom always has the respect of the prosecutor, judge, and jurors, which makes for a successful track record in his representation of criminal defense cases. For anyone in need of an excellent criminal defense attorney, I strongly recommend Tom Barton!

Howard Weintraub, DUI and DWI Attorney

“You will know why he is so successful”

If you or a family member has a DUI charge in Henry County or around the south side of Atlanta, then Tom Barton has to be at the top of your list. If you are looking for a lawyer that can make a difference in the outcome of your case, look no further. Tom has the knowledge and experience to fight for your rights in the criminal justice system. More importantly, he has the reputation that will bring the leverage necessary to make the prosecution think twice. When you meet Tom, you will know why he has been so successful – he takes a personal interest in his clients and works tirelessly to obtain a successful outcome. I recommend you call Tom to see if he will take your case.

Michael Hawkins, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Cannot find a better person at your side”

I have known Tom for ten years or more now. He is an important part of the makeup of elite Georgia DUI defense practitioners. He has the ear of those on the bench and is called regularly by members of the bar for his opinion on detailed points of law. You simply cannot find a better person at your side when charged with an alcohol or drug-related charge.

Elmer Young, Sex Crime Attorney

“Solid reputation”

My man on the South Side of town. Tom has the solid reputation of being able to kick a prosecutor in the teeth but be nice about it at the same time. He is a great lawyer, period.

Robert Leonard, General Practice

“Gentleman and a scholar”

Tom Barton is a gentleman and a scholar. The legal community loves him and his winning personality. The judges and juries seem to buy what he’s selling. He can put a winning spin on a defense and seemingly pull a verdict out of his hat. You can watch Tom in action, and not realize until too late, that he has convinced everyone that his position is correct. Tom will out work the other guy. Winning criminal defense doesn’t come by luck. Hard work brings his results.

Charles Magarahan, DUI and DWI Attorney

“One of the smartest attorneys practicing DUI law”

Tom Barton is one of the smartest attorneys practicing DUI law. He is the go to person in the South Metro Atlanta area if you have a criminal defense/DUI case. I have learned a lot from Tom over the past three years and he has been a lifeline for me on my DUI cases in the southern metro Atlanta area. There is no ego with Tom. He simply cares about his clients, the legal profession and his fellow lawyers.

Frank Gomez, Fellow Lawyer

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