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Spalding County Criminal Defense

Spalding County Criminal Defense

Spalding County, Georgia is a scenic location with an array of activities for residents to enjoy. Thanks to its picturesque parks and various landmarks, there is something for everyone.

A day of enjoyment could end up as the worst day of your life if one simple mistake landed you in jail.

Perhaps you ended up in a physical altercation at Kevin’s Korner Bar & Grill in Griffin, now you’re facing assault and battery charges.

Maybe you had a domestic incident near the Doc Holiday Museum that got out of hand and you were arrested for domestic violence.

Whatever the case may be, we are all prone to making mistakes but a momentary lapse in judgment shouldn’t place your current lifestyle in jeopardy. That is why I’ve spent my entire career fighting for and defending the people of Georgia.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tom Barton and my work is motivated by the fact that I don’t want peoples’ lives being ruined by mistakes they made or lapses in judgment that can change lives forever.

A Criminal Lawyer in Spalding County With Over 2 Decades of Success

With over 20 years of success representing clients charged with criminal offenses in and around the Spalding County area, I am suitably prepared to handle any case that comes my way. I have obtained the highest rating from AVVO an independent rating system for lawyers. I also have countless testimonials and case results that show I have the knowledge you need.

I offer legal defense for the following crimes:

As part of my extensive training as a criminal defense attorney, I also have a wide-range of knowledge when it comes to Georgia law. My work in the Spalding courts has allowed me to have a long-lasting relationship with the county prosecutor making it easier for your case.

When you are arrested, it can be a scary. Having me by your side can make the process more comfortable because you’ll know that you are receiving the best representation available in Spalding County.

Call me today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the pending charges against you and what defenses may be possible.

Spalding County Court Information:


Court Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Spalding County Courts System
132 E. Solomon Street
Griffin, Georgia 30223
(770) 467-4200

Spalding County Court Appearance Information:

Please arrive on time. It is important to ensure that you arrive at least 30 minutes earlier that the time that is on your court notice form.

Refrain from bringing cell phones, pagers, and tablets to any court proceedings.

Leave children and minors at home. Please arrange to have minors stay at home because they can disrupt court hearings.

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