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Attorney Barton Explains What You Need to Know about DUI and Criminal Defense in Georgia!

Video Learning Center

Video Learning Center

Below you will find videos created by Attorney Tom Barton that relate to DUI and criminal defense in Georgia. He answers common questions that are presented to him by clients that seek his legal assistance.

What If I Am Convicted Of DUI?

DUI conviction

DUI License Suspension: The 10 Day Rule

10 day rule dui license suspension

The Harsh Penalties Of A Georgia DUI

Harsh penalties of DUI

Information About Your Court Appearance

Court appearance for a dui charge

Drivers License Suspension for DUI

DUI Drivers License

Don’t Rely On Internet Research For DUI

Relying on internet research for DUI

Why A Substance Abuse Evaluation?

Substance abuse evaluation

How Do You Win DUI Cases?

How do you win a dui

Why Should You Hire A DUI Lawyer?

Why hire a dui attorney

What Is The Cost To Hire A DUI Lawyer?

Cost to hire DUI lawyer

What To Expect If You Hire Tom

What to expect if you hire tom

What You Need To Do To Get Started

What you need to get started

Attempt To Board A Plane With A Firearm

Attempt To Board A Plane With A Firearm

Drug Arrest? You Have Options

Drug Arrest? What Are Your Options?

Domestic Violence Accusations

Domestic Violence Accusations

More Questions? Tom Has The Answers

More Georgia Legal Questions

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