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Tom Barton: A Georgia Workers Comp Attorney

Tom Barton: A Georgia Workers Comp Attorney

It doesn’t matter what type of workplace. It doesn’t matter what type of injury. It all adds up to one thing – lost time and wages. You do have rights, though. You are entitled to compensation, and Tom Barton can help you get the settlement and benefits you deserve.

Tom Barton works closely with one of the top Workers Compensation lawyers in the State who has collected millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements!  Let my team help you maximize your recovery!

Can You Take Care of Your Family After Your Injury?

It may seem like a minor injury at first, and your instincts may tell you to trust that your employer will take care of you no matter what happens. Unfortunately, not all plans are created equally, and your employer, no matter what his intentions, may not offer you the benefits you thought were coming. On the job injuries, whether a fall from scaffolding or a repetitive motion injury, can have devastating consequences. What might seem simple in the beginning could affect your ability to take care of your family and your expenses and even enjoy your life.

Attorney Tom Barton can help. Tom will fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve. With the knowledge and experience of Georgia’s workers compensation laws, he’ll walk you through the system, ensuring you get the maximum possible benefits.

Call us today to set up an appointment with me and then an appointment with an independent doctor.  Don’t take the “company” doctor’s word for it.

Let Go of the Burden

The challenges of a workplace injury are immense. They affect you and your health, but they can also affect the emotional wellbeing of your family and friends. When you contact The Law Offices of Tom Barton, the process starts with listening. Every single workers comp case is unique. Those accident details are essential, so we’ll look into everything, consulting medical experts and others along the way to make certain you get better benefits and compensation for your injuries.

With Tom Barton, you’re not just another name on a file. Here, you can feel comfortable asking questions. Tom will keep you updated on your case every step of the way, offering you an honest assessment of what the situation looks like moving forward.

When Ratings Count – Attorney Barton Qualifies

Tom has worked to attain an AVVO rating of 8.5, making him one of the highest rated attorneys in the Atlanta, Georgia area. While there are many attorneys who offer legal assistance for workers comp, Tom has had more than 4,000 satisfied clients in over twenty years of service.

For your workers comp case, not just any attorney will do. Having a qualified lawyer like Tom Barton to protect your interests is the only way to get the compensation that will take you through the treatment process.

Georgia workers compensation laws have unique aspects that can complicate the process for injured workers. This is not the time to try to sort the paperwork out on your own. Instead if you’re looking for a workers comp attorney in Clayton County, Fayette County, Rockdale County, Spalding County, Butts County, Henry County or the surrounding areas, contact Tom Barton now, and obtain a satisfactory settlement or verdict in your case.

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